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Turkish Students’ Union of UK (TUSU) is honoured to organise a trip to remember our honourable Turkish soldiers who fought for the independence of today’s republic of Turkey. Victory day is a public holiday that celebrated the 93rd anniversary in this year. We commemorated the victory at the final battle in Dumlupınar ending the Turkish Independence War in 1922. We were heartened that so many people attended the visiting the Brookwood Turkish Air Force

Burial Ground in Woking in order to commemorate the life of fallen honourable soldiers. There are fourteen members of the Turkish Air Force who lost their life during their training between 1941 and 1942 and the grave of Arif Bey (died 1836).After that, we headed towards to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stonehenge in Salisbury and we discovered its mystery that surrounds the ancient attraction and its significance. Lastly, our final destination was the stunning city, Bath. We were amazed the see the beautiful buildings and Georgian architecture. We visited The Roman Bath that is one of the finest historic in Northern Europe. It was constructed by Romans as natural spa. At the end of the museum tour, we tasted the hot springs which contains 40 different minerals. Also, we had a chance to see the Pulteney Bridge and the Bath Abbey.TUSU went live broadcast from five different spot for the first time. Our Periscope account (tusu_uk) gave us opportunity to show what we did in our latest trip for those who couldn’t make it. You can now follow us and watch our live broadcast.

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